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Life transitions call for different types of self care
Emotional Wellness

3 Types of Self Care To Thrive Through Life Transitions

If you are struggling through a big life change right now, learning different types of self care can help. The end of a relationship, a ...
woman using self love to combat depression naturally
Emotional Wellness

Self Love – One Of The Best Ways To Combat Depression Naturally

Do you struggle with on-going mild depression? If so, you may be suffering from persistent depressive disorder, also known as dysthymia. Signs of this depressive ...
Asking deep questions about life can help to live with purpose
Authentic Self

3 Deep Questions About Life To Help You Live With Purpose

There are times in each of our lives when we hit a plateau. It often happens after the end of something; a divorce, kids moving ...

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Hello, I’m Bec Robbins, a women's wellness advocate and Life Guide from Victoria BC. Since 2012, I have been educating and coaching women to release limitations and create lives they feel great in.

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I help women learn to thrive.

In today's world, most women aren't exposed to the resources, skills and support they need to reach their potential. Mentorship and sisterhood are not reliable fixtures in our society, leaving many women in quiet agony and emotional isolation. They are expected to be strong and figure life out on their own, but they don't know how to address their limitations and create lasting change. More than ever, we need to come together, open our hearts, share our wisdom and lift each other up.

A woman’s journey is rich and complex, full of profound transitions to navigate: careers, partnerships, mothering, family, body image, hormone cycles, creativity, passions, dreams. The conditioning of her childhood interweaves through it all. My goal is to fill in the missing pieces for women and give them a clear path to follow, leading them home to their best lives. I believe in 5 key pillars that every woman must consider to become masterful at life. Learning these early in life is helpful but it’s never too late to start.

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