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About Me


Bec Robbins is a seasoned film and TV actor, entrepreneur, certified yoga teacher and truth seeker. She been creating opportunities for women to realize and express themselves for over two decades through audition and life coaching, international retreats, online workshops and support group mediation. 

She combines her knowledge of the actor’s process with yogic, new thought and metacognitive principles to create accessible thought/emotion management tools. She has a passion for deconstructing and teaching the inner experience of the human condition and a mission to empower women in cultivating emotional wellness.

I can help you feel great whenever, wherever.

What if you could pick and choose what you experienced, instead of feeling like life is just happening to you?

Imagine taking any moment and being able to turn it into something valuable.

What if your problems are actually all opportunities in disguise?

Did you know there are simple, practical techniques to improve the quality of your life every day?

I’d love to show you:

*How to take charge of your thoughts, your feelings and your life experiences

*How to use your attention and choices to consistently improve your emotional state

*My collection of simple ‘feel better’ solutions ready for you to select and apply specifically for your needs

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  • The secret language happy people speak in.
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  • What’s pushing happiness away and how to pull happiness towards you.
  • Why your happiness MUST come first.
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