With Bec Robbins  


Emotional Wellness

Feeling better through emotional awareness.Emotional wellness is essential for a great life. Unfortunately, many of us routinely struggle with stress, anxiety and depression. We are not exposed to healthy, effective and practical strategies that support us in feeling better. Rather, we turn to medication or cope through self-destructive behaviour.  Learning how to naturally be happy again improves all areas of our lives. We are healthier, our relationships are harmonious and we can more easily achieve our most important goals. So what does it take? Emotional awareness and mental wellness are the two most important aspects of achieving emotional health.

Emotional awareness allows us to observe and understand our emotional wiring, in order to adjust it. Mental wellness involves optimizing the root cause of our emotions: our thoughts and beliefs. Cultivating these are foundational for experiencing a rich and meaningful life.

The problem for most people is that they believe emotional wellness as the result of a good life. But emotional wellness is required first, in order to create a good life. It is not a state over which we have limited control, rather it is a skill set. Inner muscles to build.

Feeling great is learned and practiced. It emerges through new ways of thinking and new habits and behaviours. It is sustained through creating environments, systems and external supports. Becoming emotionally well is a unique journey for everyone and this resource is here to help navigate the way. Together we can learn how to be happy again from the inside out.

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